Vegetable protein sausages and oat fiber for juicy toasting.

Exceptional taste with a realistic texture. You can prepare a juicy bite on a pan, or grill with friends by the campfire.

vegetable proteins (soy, wheat), rapeseed oil, oat fiber, corn starch, thickeners (methylcellulose, konjac gum, carrageenan), rice, spices, dried tomatoes, salt, aroma, caramelized sugar, beetroot extract.

Energy value: 961 kJ / 230 kcal
Fat: 13,3 g
Saturated fatty acids: 1,1 g
Carbohydrates: 13,0 g
Sugars: 1,1 g
Protein: 12,1 g
Salt: 1,7 g

Preservatives, chemical dyes, aromas, animal raw materials, milk protein, lactose, cholesterol.